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  Latest opening times and dates  

Tuesday 30th May - 10am - 4:45pm
Friday 2nd June - 10am - 4:45pm
Saturday 3rd June - 10am - 4:45pm
Sunday 4th June - 10am - 4:45pm

Tuesday 6th June - closed
Friday 9th June - t.b.c.
Saturday 10th June - 10am - 4:45pm
Sunday 11th June - 10am - 4:45pm
Parlormade scones emporium.JPG

Our trading locations

Tuesday and Friday
(next to Bluebird Bakery, Parlormade, and Brunch)

Saturday and Sunday
(opposite Cross of York Fishmongers)

Good baked goods at Bluebird Bakery.JPG
Swains Butchers and Cross of York.JPG
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An ever changing array of wonderful and unique independent traders can be found on the Shambles Market 7 days a week, all year round  

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